Twitter improves Search and Discovery

Twitter improves Search, Twitter announced today a major improvement to their Search and Discovery features, and these improvements are immediately accessible through the mobile website as well as iOS and Android systems. According to the update, version 5.3 includes: Instantly access great content with improvements to search and Discover. Discover delivers a single stream of Tweets, Trends, Activity and accounts to follow. Pull to refresh or keep scrolling to see more content. Search now shows the most relevant mix of people, Tweets and photos. It’s also easier to use search with one button at the top of the app. You can see your five most recent searches and tap them to redo the search.

Talking About This

Or you can clear your recent search history. Links instantly open web pages when you tap URLs in your stream. Performance improvements Middle East Mobile Number List make launch times faster. Connect shows interactions like new followers, retweets and mentions by default. You can switch to “view mentions only” in settings. Bug fixes and other improvements. I am particularly interested in the saved search feature, as that is extremely useful to businesses using Twitter to find and participate in conversations. Ideally, you are regularly looking for Twitter activity by searching hashtags and keywords, and participating where appropriate. By giving you 5 saved searches.

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Weekly Total Reach

Twitter has made it faster and easier to find the topics and tweets that your potential customers are engaged in. Grab the update from the App Store or Google Play.may be ignoring: their weekly Facebook Page Update email. Each week, automaticall Cameroon phone number list sends you an email that summarizes your Facebook Page activity for the previous week.sends you an email that summarizes your Facebook Page activity for the previous week. A successful social media presence and strategy requires far more metrics and insight than what is included in this email, but understanding what Facebook is telling you is an excellent start for small business owners who wish to understand.


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